2000 - 2001

2000 – Aquarius releases an EP by a band from Ajax called Sum 41.

2001 – Aquarius releases the first Sum 41 full-length CD, “All Killer, No Filler”. It would sell Double-Platinum. Tacca releases a new singer songwriter, Steve Dumas. Meanwhile Janie Duquette takes DKD Disques “out of house” and eventually it would evolve into a completely separate label, outside of the DKD Group called Deja Musique with numerous successful artists like La Chicane, Corneille, Danny Bedard, Boum Desjardins and Jonas (who was originally signed to Aquarius as the singer in a band called Rubberman.) Mark Lazare exits Tacca Musique, taking Annie Brocoli with him.

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